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Dana Cechova
Dana Cechova
  • I am a personal coach from Britt Eerland, actual WR nr. 27.
  • I participate at two Olympic games in Beijing 2008 and in London 2012.
  • I was more than 20 years member of Czech national team. I played 13 World championships.
  • I won two bronze medals with team at European championship in 2009 and 2013.
  • I am two times Czech national single women champion.
  • I am the founder of manager-tt.
  • I am mum and wife.
  • I love table tennis.

I can give you technique tips, make an analysis of your match, give you practise advices, analyse your game, you can ask me for advices what fits to your game: We can speak about your mental weakness and how to become stronger mentally. I can help you with fitness exercises to be faster, fitter and stronger :-).

Czech republic
Best Results:
Participation at Olympic games 2008 and 2012, European bronze team medalist 2009 and 2013
Service Technique
Training exercises
Physical Preparation