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Dora Kurimay Inc
Dora Kurimay Inc

I am a mental performance coach based in New York City helping young and professional athletes maximize their performance through stress management and confidence maintenance. My clients range from individuals to large groups in many types of sports including tennis, table tennis, gymnastics, squash, heptathlon, karate, swimming, soccer, golf, and softball. I also work with professionals and teams to implement effective training programs designed to reduce stress, successfully manage internal balance, and to maximize their performance.

I’m a table tennis coach. I have coached table tennis at several clubs, schools, and organizations (PINGPOD, Leman Manhattan Preparatory School, and American Youth Table Tennis Organization, Spin New York, American International School of Budapest, ICC Table Tennis Club, Alameda Table Tennis Club, Concord Table Tennis Club, and Berkeley Table Tennis Club).

Furthermore, I am a speaker and I have provided many workshops for athletes, coaches, students, professionals on a wide range of topics (Game Face Program, motivation, stress management, mental toughness, individual differences, winning attitude, goal setting, pre-performance rituals, the role of families in high-performance athletes, etc.) in the US, Europe, and in Asia.

Additionally, I’m a writer. I have published ‘My Stories of Mental Toughness On and Off the Table‘, ‘Get Your Game Face On Workbook‘ & ‘Get Your Game Face On Like The Pros!‘ and have contributed to the Clinical Sports Psychiatry: An International Perspective and to the Journal of Human Kinetics.

I also like to create videos. I’ve created 11 video episodes My Stories of Mental Toughness On and Off the Table Video Series as well as table tennis and performance coaching content on my YouTube Channel.

I am currently an Adjunct Faculty at John F. Kennedy University where I supervise MA Sport Psychology students. I provide feedback and evaluations for the students on their internship fieldwork performance.

Academic and professional highlights include:
* MA in Psychology from the Eotvos Lorand University (Budapest, Hungary)
* MA in Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University (Pleasant Hill, California)
* Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) in the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) License No. 661
* Certified Mental Toughness Specialist – Human Performance Institute
* Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC) – Team Coaching International
* International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) – Para Table Tennis (PTT) Level 1 Certified Coach

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